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US woman arrested for administering counterfeit Botox treatment

A woman in the US has been arrested by police officers after administering dangerous fake Botox treatments on two people.Diana Marcela Cardenas-Gonzalez was taken into police custody after the patients developed cysts on their faces, NBC Miami reports.The Colombia native performed the potentially dangerous anti-wrinkle procedure in her Miami home, despite being ...


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Miami dentist praises Invisalign braces

A dentist from Miami has been singing the praises of Invisalign braces after using them at his practice.Dr Hamid Nassery from the Miami Beach Dental Institute told World News Report that he finds the correctors an ideal way to realign teeth without having to use traditional, train track-style varieties."For our patients, ...


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Veneers and Invisalign braces help football player keep on playing

A combination of dental veneers and Invisalign braces has helped one football player to correct his misaligned teeth without missing any games.Michael Abalos from San Antonio in the US had extremely uneven teeth and a protruding lower jaw, but was worried that treatment would mean years in metal braces, extensive surgery and months ...


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US dentist recommends Invisalign braces prior to surgery

An orthodontist in the US has credited Invisalign braces with making the process of correcting an overbite much easier.Dr Stephen Grussmark from Miami said he used the technology on an 18-year-old patient in lieu of a traditional metal brace, despite popular belief that the plastic correctors are only useful in non-surgical cases.He ...


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Strengthen tooth enamel ‘to improve oral health’

Brits could strengthen their teeth with a few easy steps.Brits have been advised to do all they can to protect their tooth enamel in order for their teeth to fend off decay and erosion for longer.Cosmetic Dentistry Guide reported remaining well hydrated can play a key role in oral health, as dehydration ...


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Americans ‘spend, spend, spend on cosmetic dentistry’

Americans spend thousands on achieving the perfect smile.Americans rank their smile as one of their most important features and are willing to spend thousands of dollars to keep it in top shape, a new study has shown.Dental Plans reported research carried out by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists has estimated US ...


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Kids to get free emergency dentistry in Miami

Kids in the US are receiving free dental treatments.Up to 400 underprivileged children in Miami are set to get free emergency dentistry treatments.Nova Southeastern University (NSU) has set up a $58,000 (£36,200) grant to help provide dental services to children the area who cannot afford treatments.Children from elementary schools in North Beach will receive ...


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0% Dental Finance Plans

0% Dental Finance Plans

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Free Cosmetic Consultation

Free Cosmetic Consultation

At Pearl Dental Clinic we provide a free cosmetic dentistry consultation.

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