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Peter Crouch to return to Stoke after losing teeth in Newcastle game

Former England striker and Stoke City player Peter Crouch is set to return for Saturdays game against Aston Villa with a mouth guard fitted to protect his damaged teeth and gums; the 31-year-old was involved in a collision with Newcastle player Fabricio Coloccini during last week’s Premier League match between Stoke City and ...


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Dental implants ‘could help with age-related tooth loss’

People who are struggling as a result of age-related tooth loss could benefit from having dental - the website of Dental Health magazine - said the chances of losing teeth increase as people get older, resulting in problems with eating and speaking, as well as loss of self-esteem."The good ...


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Diabetes ‘doubles’ risk of losing teeth

Dental implants may be more common in men with diabetes, as new research has shown they are twice as likely to lose their teeth than those without the disease.A study presented at an International Association of Dental Research conference last week found that type 2 diabetes increased the risk of tooth loss, as did ...


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Midnight snackers ‘risk losing teeth’

Snacking in the middle of the night could lead to an increased risk of serious tooth damage and even loss, experts have warned.A six year study by the University of Copenhagen found that of the participating 2,217 Danes, the 173 who were categorised as nocturnal eaters lost the most teeth, the BBC reports.Nocturnal eaters ...


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Myths about gum disease dispelled

Gum disease facts for those who do not understand the affliction.A number of common misconceptions surrounding gum disease have been dispelled by the American Academy of Periodontology.The organisation noted that anyone who has bleeding gums should be aware that this is one of the earliest signs of gum disease and could be ...


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New treatment to help gum disease sufferers

Gum disease sufferers could soon have a new treatment carried out to help restore their gums.A breakthrough treatment is under development that could help sufferers of periodontal disease.Research carried out by Professor Saso Ivanovski at Brisbane's Griffith University has shown that harvested cells surrounding from ligaments around the teeth of sufferers can ...


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