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Dangerous teeth whitening chemicals seized at East Midland’s airport

Over the past year over seventeen thousand dangerous or unsafe products have been intercepted at one of England’s most popular airports for holiday makers and business professionals. East Midland’s Airport sends and receives planes from destinations all over the world, making it a haven for people trying to smuggle illegal goods in ...


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Price of dental treatment in England set to rise

The price of dental treatments in England is set to rise by 5% by the year 2017/18; a routine check-up will cost over twenty pounds and band C treatments, such as dental crowns, will cost over £240.According to the government, the price changes will only affect ‘those who can afford it’ whilst at the same time ‘...


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Leicester children have the highest rate of tooth decay in England

According to a new report, over half of five-year-olds in Leicester have some level of tooth decay, which puts the city at the top of the table when it comes to tooth decay among children. The National Children’s Bureau revealed that 51% of children in this age group suffered with tooth decay; the highest ...


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Dentists say the Government is failing NHS patients

As the pressure for dentist to take on new patients increases, dental professionals are questioning government policies on payment and patient registration, with one dentist saying that the system is failing NHS patients. One in three NHS dentists in England is refusing to take on new NHS patients and patients are facing a waiting ...


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New reports show that two-thirds of Welsh children have tooth decay

According to new statistics released by The Children’s Dental Healthy Survey 2013 children in Wales are suffering with more tooth decay than their English equivalents; the survey revealed that 63% of 15-year-olds in Wales had some level of tooth decay, compared to 41% in England. Furthermore, 22% of Welsh children between the ages of five and 15 were ...


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Sharon Osbourne says that British people have ‘fugly’ teeth

TV presenter Sharon Osbourne has spoken about the state of British teeth on her daytime show The Talk, blaming the problems on a lack of dentists in the country. The reality star called British teeth ‘fugly’ meaning they are extremely unappealing to look at.Sharon joked that ‘there is only one dentist in England’ ...


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New report suggests that dental health can be improved by fluoridation

Experts at Public Health England (PHE) have suggested that adding fluoride to tap water could reduce the chances of tooth decay and improve dental health overall, in a new report released by the department.Research has shown that areas of England with certain levels of fluoride in the water were found to have fewer ...


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Prescriptions and dental fees to rise for 2014/2015

Prescription fees in England are set to increase by 20p to £8.05 in 2014/15 and by a further 20p to £8.25 in 2015/16, according to Health Minister Norman Lamb. NHS dental charges will also rise in England from April 1st, with increases of between 50p and £5.The new prices are going to affect all bands of NHS dental ...


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Ministers warned; NHS dentistry is ‘unfit for purpose’

More than 100 family dentists in England have signed a letter to the Telegraph, accusing Ministers of hiding the true state of NHS dentistry from patients, calling the service ‘compromised and mismanaged.’ The clinics have spoken out in response to the Francis Report, which revealed failings at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust that let to 1,200 ...


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Peter Crouch returns to Newcastle after dental trauma

Stoke City player Peter Crouch was only off the field for a couple of games after suffering some fairly shocking dental damage during a clash with Newcastle’s Fabricio Coloccini, and now the 32-year-old is returning to the scene of the accident, as Stoke are scheduled to play at St James’ Park on Sunday....


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