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Professional whitening more effective than DIY kits

 An increased demand for whiter teeth has seen people trying many different methods to achieve the perfect smile. Shop shelves are awash with bleaching kits, whitening strips, toothpastes, and LED light kits, all promising to give you brilliantly white teeth. However, having your teeth whitened professionally, by your dentist or other qualified practitioners, ...


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Scarborough woman resorts to DIY dentistry after dental treatment failed

 A mum from Scarborough has lost two teeth after resorting to DIY dental work, following a trip to the dentist where treatment to deal with her toothache was unsuccessful. Leanne Vickers-Dransfield, 32, ended up unconscious on her bathroom floor after she burst an abscess that was causing her agonising pain.Leanne went to the ...


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Woman glued her own broken teeth back in rather than visiting the dentist

A woman from Greater Manchester was so afraid of going to the dentist that she decided to stick her broken teeth back together using superglue rather than making an appointment to have them fixed professionally. Angie Barlow, 48, attempted DIY dentistry for ten years and ended up having to have most of her teeth removed ...


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Sales of DIY dental kits on the rise

Dental kits that allow patients to carry out DIY dental work at home are becoming popular as more people look for a cheaper alternative to costly professional treatment. The kits, which include materials to carry out fillings and repair crowns, can be bought on the high street for as little as five pounds. According ...


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More people are attempting DIY dentistry because of treatment cost

According to the Sunday Express, almost a fifth of people in the UK have given up going to see their dentist due to the high prices and around a third of adults are no longer registered with an NHS clinic. Industry experts are worried that a surge in DIY dentistry could mean that patients ...


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Pensioner pulls his own tooth after struggling to secure dental appointment

A 73-year-old man has been forced to pull out his own tooth after he was turned away from both private and NHS dental clinics in the Leominster area of Herefordshire. Angus Macintyre, a retired teacher, suffered with toothache for three months but managed to keep the pain under control with the help of heavy ...


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Kerry Katona denies DIY Botox treatment

ITV reality star Kerry Katona has never been one to hold back when it comes to personal information, she’s known for laying everything on the table for the entertainment of the public. In the past, Kerry has admitted to using dermal fillers and spoken about her desire for a boob job, among other ...


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DIY Botox ‘poses health risk’

Self-administered Botox treatments should be avoided as they have the potential to cause serious damage, one expert has warned.Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, president of the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine Dr Teresa Cattin explained that Botox kits purchased over the internet for use at home can be counterfeit.DIY kits ...


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Actress: Teeth whitening ‘is like getting a facial’

Having teeth whitening treatment has been compared to getting a facial by one actress who is a fan.Amanda Peet, star of films such as disaster epic 2012, told Bella Sugar that having a really "stainless smile" is a more important part of the beauty process than most people give it credit for....


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Writer reveals how DIY teeth whitening addiction damaged her smile

A writer has revealed how an addiction to DIY teeth whitening left her smile permanently damaged.In an article for the Daily Mail, Anna Maxted said she originally went to a professional to have the treatment, but was impatient with the slow results and the lack of obvious brightness.When she discovered DIY kits, ...


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