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Dr Guy discusses Ant and Dec’s cosmetic dentistry

Latest News Dr Guy discusses Ant and Dec's cosmetic dentistry this week, following the end of ITV's I'm A Celebrity. The pair have been in the public eye for around twenty years, however, most people may not have noticed their teeth subtly changing. Industry expert, Dr Guy, spoke to The Express Online. “Both Ant ...


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American man posed as a dentist to perform illegal tooth extractions

An American man posing as a dentist has been performing illegal tooth extractions, sometimes without the use of anaesthetic. Robert Rheinlander, better known as Robbie, claimed that he had practiced dentistry in his previous home of South Carolina before relocating to Florida. Investigators have since revealed that he has never been qualified to carry ...


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Tesco customer loses part of her tooth after biting into metal found in food

A woman who bought her dinner from Tesco has lost part of her tooth after biting into the food; Caroline Wilson, 44, bought the portion of gammon, pancetta, and roast potatoes from her local store last week and suffered a dental injury after biting into a section of rusty metal blade that was found in ...


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Former child star asks fans to help fund her dental treatment

A former child pop star has taken to social media to ask fans and followers to help her pay for further dental work, after she realised she was low on funds. Debra Byrne, a former child actor and singer on Young Talent  Time, posted a request for funding as she needs to return to ...


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Jeremy Kyle guest gets £10,000 of dental treatment

A woman who garnered a lot of attention on social media site Twitter for her unique dental condition has reportedly been given dental work amounting to £10,000 thanks to The Jeremy Kyle Show, the TV programme that exposed her to a lot of cruel taunts about her teeth.  The woman in question told papers that ...


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Reading woman breaks her tooth after biting into pizza

A Whitley woman spoke to about her ordeal after biting into a Domino’s pizza and breaking a tooth on a metal nut. Bella Peppiatt ordered a takeaway pizza from her local Domino’s and was tucking into a vegetarian pizza when she realised something was not right. Bella said ‘I ...


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Big Brother contestant gets her smile whitened in Thailand

Former Big Brother contestant Skye Wheatley is currently visiting Thailand to get surgical treatment on her breasts, but the 20-year-old has decided to make the most of her time in Bangkok by getting her teeth whitened as well. After her stint in the famous house in 2014, Skye organised her cosmetic treatment and she was ...


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Miley Cyrus teams up with joke company to launch brand of fake teeth

Singer and Instagram favourite Miley Cyrus is apparently broadening her business horizons as she has teamed up with a company that creates plastic joke props to launch her own brand of fake teeth. The 21-year-old modelled the bizarre new denture, created in collaboration with Billy-Bob Products; the new joke teeth have been dubbed Miley-Bob ...


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Made in Chelsea beats TOWIE for best dental work

They might both be reality TV regulars but Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead and Joey Essex could not be more different when it comes to dental health; the two have opted for dental treatment at opposite ends of the spectrum. Binky, who is a regular on Made in Chelsea, has a much more natural smile than ...


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Mercury poisoning misdiagnosed as MS

A woman who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis has revealed that her health problems were actually the result of mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings. Only eighteen months after having her dental work carried out Maria Indermuhle was told by doctors that she was suffering from the lifelong illness, which would leave her in a ...


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