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Teeth grinding ‘could lead to emergency dentistry’

People who grind their teeth during the night could be more likely to need emergency dentistry such as root canal treatment.Although many may be unaware they are committing the act while they sleep, people who grind their teeth could face a number of oral health problems.Experts have advised the public to be ...


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Maintaining healthy gums ‘limits need for dental implants’

People who take time to ensure their gums are healthy could limit the risk of needing dental implants, experts believe.With previous research identifying a link between gum disease and wider health problems, it is vital to ensure teeth and gums are in good condition.Gums that appear red and swollen may need expert ...


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DIY teeth whitening kits ‘should not be overused’

Anyone hoping to get brighter teeth should visit a dental professional instead of continually relying on at-home teeth whitening kits.This is the advice of New York-based orthodontist Dr Jacqueline Fulop Goodling, who told that DIY kits can be useful when people are in a rush or for special occasions.However, she ...


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Older people urged ‘take care of teeth’

Older people should take care of their teeth. Older people have been advised they need to take greater care of their teeth and gums than people who are younger. Dr Lawrence Singer of the Connecticut State Dental Association said once a person reaches 65 they enter a higher risk category for a range of oral ...


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Brits advised on teeth whitening

People have been advised on the best teeth whitening has highlighted the range of teeth whitening treatments that are presently available to consumers and has stated that the best options depend upon the results that people wish to achieve.It noted that in cases where discolouration is not overly pronounced ...


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Dental implants explained

Dental implants have been explained for those considering the treatment.People undergoing dental implant procedures due to tooth loss may not fully understand what the device actually is and therefore the Baltic Times has handily offered an explanation.Indeed, the publication noted that a dental implant is a titanium screw which is used to ...


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Teeth whitening truths for Brits

Myths surrounding teeth whitening have been exploded.A number of myths have been exposed surrounding teeth whitening treatments.According to Cosmetic News Portal, while many people believe that getting the strongest products possible will deliver the best results, this is definitely not the case.The website argued that patients could actually by harming their ...


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Dental veneers ‘boost a smile’s impact’

People's smiles could be improved with dental veneers.Individuals looking for a smile that has impact might like to invest in dental veneers, one dental professional has argued.Dentistry IQ reported that Dr Philip Friel has said dental veneers help create an even, bright smile for patients, but they can invasive and take time ...


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Patients should ‘seek help for fractured teeth’

Anyone with broken teeth should organise a trip to see the dentist.Individuals who have chipped, broken or fractured teeth have been urged to contact a dental professional to get these problems fixed.According to the Hattiesburg American, a dentist's evaluation of broken teeth is critical, even if a person does suffer from pain ...


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Mouth breathing ‘a problem for sufferers’

Many people could suffer from problems with mouth breathing.A new study has shown that a condition known as mouth breathing could be harmful to the oral health of sufferers.Carried out by researchers in the US, the study showed the problem can result in crooked tooth development in children, as their bite can ...


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0% Dental Finance Plans

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Free Cosmetic Consultation

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