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Brooke Shields posts yet another selfie from the dentist’s chair

She seems to be making a habit of visiting the dentist, having been in the chair several times already this year and admitting to fans that she suffers from bruxism, now Brooke Shields has found a new way to calm her nerves when visiting the clinic – drinking wine. The actress posted a picture of ...


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Brooke Shields is back at the dentist for more treatment

Actress Brooke Shields regularly updates her fans on her day-to-day activities and recently she has been spending a lot of time at the dentist’s surgery after she has developed a problem with grinding her teeth. This week, the 49-year-old was back in the dentist’s chair and added more pictures of herself wearing ...


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Katie Price wishes she had kept her natural teeth

She might be more famous for her other fake accessories, but it’s her teeth that Katie Price would like to change if she could. Katie admitted to The Independent Magazine that she wishes she still had her natural teeth after damaging them in childhood and getting them repaired with dental veneers. The glamour ...


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Stress can affect dental health

Members of the Saving Teeth campaign have warned dental patients that stress could be impacting on their teeth as well as their general health. Bruxism – grinding or clenching of teeth – affects around ten percent of the UK population, and is known to wear away enamel, fracture teeth, and cause severe jaw problems. Endodontic specialist, ...


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Survey finds sleep problems like teeth-grinding to be widespread

A new survey has discovered that sleep problems such as excessive teeth grinding (bruxism), sleep apnoea and insomnia may be more widespread in Britain than originally thought.The poll, carried out by the Mental Health Foundation, found that almost two-thirds of people suffer from a condition that affects their slumber, with only 39 per cent ...


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Regular check-ups ‘can prevent emergency dentistry’

Getting a regular check-up with an oral healthcare professional could help people to prevent emergency dentistry.The Argus stated that healthy teeth for life may be a possibility as long as any problems such as tooth decay and gum disease are detected early, something which may be easier when they are regularly looked at....


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Increase in bruxism ‘could lead to more emergency dentistry’

Oral healthcare professionals have warned that there could be an increase in emergency dentistry if people do not act to stop excessive teeth grinding.Also known as bruxism, the Irish Dental Association said it has seen a sharp increase in cases, which it attributed to the economic downturn.Usually, around one in five patients ...


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Beat emergency dentistry by stopping bruxism in its tracks

A writer has passed on some information she gleaned from her dentist after finding that she was at threat of emergency dentistry as a result of her excessive teeth grinding.Michele Bell of FitSugar.com said she has fallen victim to bruxism - the scientific name for the problem - regularly and struggles to ...


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Bruxism ‘can cause people to need emergency dentistry if left untreated’

People who suffer from bruxism - the medical name for excessive teeth-grinding - should seek help in order to avoid emergency dentistry and other health problems.This is according to Dr Luisa Dillner, writing for the Guardian, who said that the condition can cause headaches, earaches, jaw pain and damaged teeth.She explained that ...


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Bruxism Awareness Week hailed for potential to reduce emergency dentistry

Healthcare professionals have praised the recent Bruxism Awareness Week and its potential to reduce the amount of emergency dentistry necessitated by the condition.The event was held from October 25th to 31st 2010 and provided information to people all over the UK about the problems caused by excessive teeth grinding, including jaw disorders, headaches, earache ...


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