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New gel invention could encourage bone growth

A so-called gel ‘filling’ made from calcium could help bone to grow back after a tooth has been removed, stopping the jaw bone from shrinking or weakening as a result of tooth removal. Bone loss can cause problems with biting and chewing, and may make it harder to place dental implants in the future....


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Good teeth could help with social success

A top social scientist has claimed that our standing in society depends not on how intelligent or driven we are, but on the state of our teeth. Malcom Gladwell, author of David and Goliath, says that teeth are becoming the new benchmark for success, due to the fact that people with bad teeth ...


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Bruxism cases are on the rise

As the stresses of modern life take their toll, more and more people are suffering the effects of tooth grinding and clenching; a condition known as bruxism, which typically occurs at night-time, making it very difficult to treat. According to the British Dental Association around 10% of the population are currently dealing with this ...


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Could a new nasal spray spell the end for dental injections?

A product created by scientists in America could mean dental patients don’t have to fear painful anaesthetic injections anymore; a nasal spray called Kovacaine Mist was found to be as effective as standard anaesthetics in four out of five patients tested, according to researchers at the University of Buffalo. This innovation could make ...


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World’s first 100% ultrasound toothbrush launched

Some ultrasound technology has been added to the design of electric toothbrushes in the past but now a 100% ultrasound product is about to be released; the toothbrush doesn’t even need to move to clean the teeth effectively. The new Emmi-dent brush costs £79.95; it gives off a staggering 86 million sound waves per minute and ...


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NHS cuts could hit vulnerable dental patients

UK dentists have spoken about their worry over the impact of NHS cuts on their most vulnerable patients. A recent survey carried out by the British Dental Association has revealed that most dentists think the budget cuts will affect services badly, limiting access to much needed treatments.  Although job security was a major ...


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WHO considers the end of amalgam

A report from the World Health Organisation (WHO) has proposed that the use of amalgam in dentistry should be phased down rather than phased out. Future Use of Materials for Dental Restorations considers the impact of different dental filling materials on the patients and the dental industry. The report also suggest that there ...


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Teeth whitening news: Southampton water to be fluoridated

Image-conscious residents in Southampton who have contemplated teeth whitening procedures could benefit from new plans by the local council.According to, community members will receive fluoridated water through their taps following proposals from the South Central Strategic Health Authority.The scheme, which will affect 200,000 people throughout Southampton, Totton, Netley and Rownhams, ...


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‘Save up for professional teeth whitening’ if you want to be safe

A writer has advised anyone wanting a brighter smile to save up for professional teeth whitening treatment in order to avoid damaging their teeth.Miriam Stoppard told the Mirror DIY kits could "permanently damage your teeth and even harm your long-term health".She pointed out that although kits used by professionals do ...


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Dental health could suffer ‘if chewing gum tax imposed’

A new tax on chewing gum could increase the amount of people who have to receive cosmetic dentistry in the UK, it has been suggested.Conducted by Saga, a study found that many people over the age of 50 are keen for the government to impose a tax on chewing gum to help fund a ...


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