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Poor oral hygiene ‘can cause bad breath’

People who suffer from bad breath have been advised by one expert to clean their teeth after eating and increase their fluid intake.Dr Nabin Basnet explained bad breath is most common after a night's sleep due to the saliva flow slowing down as people rest, Republica reports.He recommended consuming regular fluids that ...


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Flossing ‘should be done once a day’

Failure to floss teeth can lead to 40 per cent of the tooth surface not being cleaned, according to experts.Writing for Online Athens, Dr Mehmet Oz and Dr Mike Roizen explained that oral hygiene is vital and flossing is a key part of it.They described how people should clean their teeth twice a ...


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Dentists ‘help fix bad breath’

Bad breath is a problem that dentists could help solve.Dental professionals could help people tackle any problems they have with halitosis, it has been claimed.US dentist Dr Joel Miller of Aesthetic Dentistry of Valencia told his local publication that there are a number of options available to help address this issue, including ...


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