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New technology ‘reduces the pain of the dentist’s chair’

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A breakthrough treatment is available for those afraid of the pain caused while undergoing procedures in the dentist’s chair, it has been revealed.

KAUZ.com reported a new laser scan can help contour map the inside of a person’s mouth and transfer this data to the manufacturers of crowns or dental implants, making the need for tray impressions redundant.

Dr Richard Guess, of Maplewood Laser Dental Clinic, told the website: "The laser scan reduces the risk of any distortions. It’s less time in the chair when we put a crown on because there are no adjustments. It’s ready to go."

Elsewhere, AZ Dental Care recently reported the best results for patients undergoing tooth replacement can often be found with dental implants.

The company noted an implant replaces a tooth’s root, securing the new tooth in place and adding volume to the mouth. It also fills gaps between natural teeth in the jaw to prevents the jawbone from collapsing.

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