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Keep teeth healthy ‘all year round’

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People are advised to ensure they maintain a good oral health routine all the time.

People have been advised to ensure they keep up a good oral health routine all year round in order to avoid any nasty emergency dentistry problems.

Dr Michael K Keating told the Auburn Pub that drinking and eating things that are high in sugar can be extremely damaging to teeth, as the bacteria in the mouth thrive on sugars and the acid they produce can erode tooth enamel if not brushed away regularly.

Furthermore, he advised reinforcing children’s dental health routines by not allowing them to eat too many sugary sweets and ensuring they get a healthy diet, which in turn will help to improve their overall oral health.

Elsewhere, Mark Wolff, chair of cariology and comprehensive care at New York University School of Dentistry, recently told Boston.com that people should refrain from brushing their teeth directly after drinking acidic beverages, as at this time the enamel is actually weaker and vigorous brushing can cause more damage than good.

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