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Sucking thumbs or dummies ‘could result in invisible braces’

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Parents should try to stop children sucking their thumbs or a dummy before they need invisible braces.  Parents have been advised to prevent their children from sucking their thumbs or a dummy wherever possible, or they may need invisible braces in the future.

Raj Wantoozle, writing for Lon’s Article Directory, said sucking their thumb is a natural reflex for many young children and babies.

Although he said it is not usually a problem when they still have their baby teeth, it could cause misalignment once the adult teeth start pushing through.

Mr Wantoozle said most children outgrow sucking their thumb or a dummy due to peer influence, but some do not – and they may have to have invisible braces in years to come.

To stop the habit, the expert suggested positive reinforcement and praising the child when he or she does not suck their thumb.

“Your dentist can also recommend some effective cessation strategies or even prescribe a mouth appliance under some circumstances,” he added.

Anyone who sucked their thumb as a child and has misaligned teeth could benefit from invisible braces, which Emma Hill of the Telegraph recently pointed out are becoming more and more prevalent among adults.

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