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Dentist campaigns against jaw surgery for children

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Children should not undergo jaw surgery, it has been argued.

A former dentist is continuing to campaign against jaw surgery for children.

81-year-old John Mew, a former dental professional, has said he will continue to lobby the industry to stop resorting to unnecessary surgery for young people with jaw problems.

He claimed that operations to fix a problem known as an under-bite are unnecessary and can put children at risk of complications.

Mr Mew stated the surgery has no guarantee of success and can often leave patients with a permanent disfigurement. And at the same time, he noted there are less invasive procedures that can be carried out which will often result in the same, if not better, results for sufferers.

Elsewhere, the Leaf Chronicle recently reported Clarksvill dentist Dr Bill Wall has pioneered the use of new equipment that could help reduce pain for those undergoing emergency or cosmetic dentistry treatments.

He is using stereolithographic-imaging models to replace the old plaster of paris casts for making bridges and prosthetics and this is a less invasive and more accurate treatment.

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