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Jessica Simpson told to ‘brush her teeth’

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Dental professionals have urged Jessica Simpson to brush her teth.

Hollywood actress Jessica Simpson has been told by a dentist that she must brush her teeth.

The pop star shocked dental professionals earlier in the year when she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show and claimed she never brushes her teeth, instead relying on mouth wash only to keep her breath fresh.

However, New York-based cosmetic dentist Dr Laura Torrado has highlighted how damaging this can be to the gums and to dental health in general.

“Bacteria specific to gum disease will be passed on to whoever she comes in contact with,” said the dentist.

“By now, not brushing your teeth will not only hurt you, but anybody that tries to get physically close to you.”

Meanwhile, Brits were also recently advised that the habit of smoking can be exceedingly bad for oral health and that, in order to reduce their risk of periodontal disease and cancer, they should quit immediately.

Dr Robert MacGregor told the Vancouver Sun that smoking can lead to an array of problems in terms of oral health.

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