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Woman discovers she has a tooth growing behind her eye

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A Chinese woman was shocked to find that sharp pain she was experiencing in her face was actually being caused by a tooth that had started to grow behind her eye. According to People’s Daily Online, Cao Fang, 28, had to have the stray tooth removed before it started to affect her eyesight.

Cao Fang, who works in Guangzhou, visited the doctor after she developed pain in her face when eating and was told that there was an inch-long tooth growing directly below her right eye. Without surgery, the tooth would continue to grow and could cause permanent damage to her eye, so doctors advised her to have it removed as soon as possible.

Cao was referred to Chongqing city for surgery with a Doctor Lin, who speculated that the tooth may have started to grown in the wrong direction after a baby tooth failed to fall out at the right time. The surgical team made a small incision into the side of her face and the tooth was extracted. Cao is now hopeful that she can begin to enjoy the local cuisine, which was the main reason she moved from Sichuan province in the first place.


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