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Patient paid compensation after poor treatment leads to emergency dentistry

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£10,000 has been paid to the victim of poor dentistry.A woman has been awarded compensation after shoddy dental work left her needing emergency dentistry to rectify it.

Victoria Walker, 34, had been visiting her dentist in Newcastle for regular six-monthly check-ups, the Sunday Sun reports.

Despite this, her healthcare practitioner failed to notice a serious case of gum disease and it went untreated.

It was only when Ms Walker moved to Middlesbrough that her new dentist identified the problem and began an appropriate course of treatment.

"I was horrified that my previous dentist had not picked this up, especially as I had many x-rays and screenings as part of my regular check-ups," she commented.

Unfortunately, it was too late to save six of Ms Walker's teeth and she had to have emergency dentistry to remove them.

After taking legal action, she has now been paid £10,000 in compensation.

According to the Dental Council, all dentists should strive to safeguard the health of their patients and maintain the integrity of their profession.


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