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Ill people ‘urged to brush teeth’

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Anyone who falls ill over the winter months might think that brushing their teeth while they are sick could re-infect them with any germs they are carrying.

However, US dentist Dr Sid Schmidt told KFYR TV that this is definitely not the case and in fact, regular brushing can help stop re-infection by removing bacterial build-up in the mouth.

Although it is unlikely bacteria in the mouth will give a person flu, they could lead to other health problems, he noted.

"Studies have shown that bacteria can enter through the mouth into the rest of the body causing heart problems [and] some stroke problems; also, premature births can happen from bacteria in your mouth," Dr Schmidt commented.

Elsewhere, US dentist Dr Corey Snow recently noted up to 400 different types of bacteria can thrive in the mouth. Therefore, regular brushing and flossing is key to maintaining good oral health, which in turn could provide overall health benefits for a person.


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