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Expert offers top tips on avoiding emergency dentistry among children

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Following some easy tips could stop kids from needing emergency dentistry.  A healthcare expert has offered parents some top tips on how to prevent their children from needing emergency dentistry.

Writing in the Mirror in response to a recent NHS Dental Epidemiology Programme survey that showed a third of 12-year-olds have bad teeth, Miriam Stoppard said there is no excuse for it.

She insisted that parents need to look after children's milk teeth, as they help them learn to eat and speak, as well as guiding adult teeth into the correct positions.

To prevent tooth decay, Ms Stoppard recommended taking Vitamin D during pregnancy and brushing as soon as teeth emerge.

She also advocated using a fluoride toothpaste and sticking to water when it comes to bottled drinks.

"A baby bottle full of a sweet drink will soak their teeth in damaging sugar and acid. After age two, dilute with water and get them to use a straw," the writer commented.

Finally, Ms Stoppard said it is essential to book children in with a good dentist as early as possible.

 Dr Matt Hansen, a dentist in the US, recently told KIMT.com that it is not a good idea to swap tap water for mineral water for children, as this will mean they miss out on essential fluoride needed to strengthen their teeth.

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