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Dental hygiene ‘important for overall health’

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Dental hygiene 'important for overall health'No one likes having to get emergency dentistry and it can be avoided with good dental hygiene, which can also benefit overall health.

This is the suggestion of Robert Shechet, director of dental programmes at Health Net, who highlighted the link between poor oral health and other medical problems ahead of America’s National Dental Awareness Day

“Too often, we see people with deteriorating dental conditions go on to experience significant medical problems,” he said.

Those with low dental health are more susceptible to heart conditions and diabetes, while women with poor dental hygiene appear more likely to suffer a premature birth when pregnant, the specialist added.

Mr Shechet recommended brushing and flossing daily and ensuring toothbrushes are replaced every three to four months or when the bristles start to fray.

The news followed comments from Dr Mehmet Oz, who recently pushed for individuals to remember to floss as it clears the mouth of any remaining bacteria missed by simply brushing.

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