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Brushing teeth after snacking ‘could result in emergency dentistry’

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How brushing teeth can actually lead to emergency dentistry.Although brushing teeth is generally seen as a way of preventing emergency dentistry, doing it too soon after eating sugary snacks could actually cause decay.

This is according to Lucy Elkins of the Daily Mail, who explained that after eating sugary foods, the environment in your mouth becomes acidic, causing tooth enamel to soften slightly.

"If you then brush your teeth straight away, you will brush away some of the enamel, leading to tooth erosion and sensitivity," she warned.

Ms Elkins recommended waiting half an hour after eating sweet treats before brushing the teeth.

She also urged Britons not to rinse too thoroughly after cleaning teeth in the evenings, as this will wash away the flouride that can help to guard against decay overnight when saliva levels are low.

In August 2010, Tufts University professor of nutrition and oral health Carole Palmer recommended limiting the total time that sugar spends in your mouth to prevent cavities.

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