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Beat emergency dentistry by stopping bruxism in its tracks

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Avoiding bruxism could prevent you needing emergency dentistry.A writer has passed on some information she gleaned from her dentist after finding that she was at threat of emergency dentistry as a result of her excessive teeth grinding.

Michele Bell of FitSugar.com said she has fallen victim to bruxism – the scientific name for the problem – regularly and struggles to stop the habit.

"To keep me from cracking my teeth into a bacterial oblivion, my dentist passed on some pointers to me that I'm happy to share," she commented.

Firstly, she was told to cut down on caffeine, which can increase tension and raise the likelihood of bruxism during the night.

Ms Bell was also advised to stop chewing gum, as this can encourage the jaw to mimic the movement even when there is none present.

Finally, the writer's dentist recommended meditating or at least winding down before bedtime to relax the jaw and the rest of the body.

Katie Price was recently revealed to be a sufferer of bruxism.

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