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Tooth decay ‘not always caused by poor hygiene’

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Bad teeth are not always the result of poor hygiene.

People could be suffering from tooth decay not because of any lack of dental hygiene on their part, but simply because they have inadequate fluoride in their diet. emergency dentist

DNA Health reported too little saliva and not enough fluoride can lead to the teeth decaying on their own, a situation which can be remedied by drinking fluoridated water.

The publication noted: “[Fluoride] is an important enamel ally that can make teeth stronger and can enhance saliva’s remineralising, anti-decay properties.”

Saliva production, however, could be the most important factor in avoiding tooth decay, as it contains calcium and phosphates key to the remineralisation process and as a result, it is important for people to keep themselves well hydrated.

Elsewhere, children in Warrington are benefiting from a free emergency dentistry treatment, whereby local dental professionals are providing them with a fluoride varnish that could help to reduce the likelihood of teeth becoming unhealthy.

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