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Scottish woman wins smile makeover

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For most of her adult life, Donna Morrison was so ashamed of her rotten teeth that she wouldn’t smile or even speak in public if she could help it, but now the mother-of-two is proud to show off her pearly whites after winning a smile makeover in a competition run by the Daily Record and Glasgow Smile Gallery.

Donna, 38, said that she felt embarrassed by the condition of her teeth and was constantly uncomfortable as they were falling apart. She also suffered with bleeding gums, explaining that ‘Simple things like eating food became awkward and every time I brushed my teeth my gums would be left feeling sore and raw.’

After spotting the competition in the Daily Record, Donna jumped at the chance to undo a lifetime of poor dental hygiene and couldn’t believe it when she was told she had won the grand prize; ‘It was the best news I’ve ever received,’ she says, ‘I knew it was time to tackle my teeth head-on and, although I was a bit nervous, I knew the end results would be worthwhile.’

Director of Glasgow Smile Gallery, Dr Andrew Bruce, carried out the treatment, using dental veneers and implants to replace Donna’s crumbling teeth. After years of covering her mouth and avoiding cameras, Donna is now proud to show off her teeth, saying ‘I’ve gone from being someone who was too ashamed to laugh to someone who can’t stop smiling.’

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