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‘Lemon detox’ could cause people to need cosmetic dentistry

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Lemon juice in hot water could cause you to need cosmetic dentistry.Anyone who has heard that drinking a glass of hot lemon juice in water in the mornings could help them to detox has been warned that it could also cause them to need cosmetic dentistry.

It has been claimed that this mixture may help the liver to filter out toxins, assisting in weight loss.

Writing for the Mirror, Miriam Stoppard said not only is there no evidence that doing this helps the body, but it could also damage the teeth.

"The acid from the lemon causes enamel erosion while the hot water further intensifies the attack. Once the enamel has gone, it never grows back. One of the first signs is yellow teeth," she warned.

Treatment of enamel loss usually depends on the extent of the damage. If it is extensive, cosmetic dentistry is likely to be required to restore the previous appearance.

Porcelain dental veneers may be recommended where a number of teeth have been damaged.


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