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Wrestling star suffers dental complications

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Wrestler-turned-actor Hulk Hogan is bringing in the New Year with a few changes to his public image; he’s shaving his head and removing the iconic moustache in preparation for some new acting opportunities. The 58-year-old is getting ready for some auditions, after only recently recovering from dental complications that left him in agony.

Hulk was undergoing dental implant surgery in October last year, in order to replace some missing teeth and improve his chances of rebuilding his acting career. The wrestler admitted that losing the teeth was his own fault, after neglecting to clean them properly, ‘After many years of not taking care of teeth correctly, I had to finally have surgery,’ he said. Unfortunately, according to the wresting star, his dentist accidentally left a metal tack in his mouth after fitting him for a mould, which developed into a nasty infection that wouldn’t shift for several weeks.

The treatment that followed involved drilling a hole in the side of Hogan’s jaw, in order to remove the infected tissue, then cleaning the area thoroughly. ‘I’m good to go.’ He said today, but added ‘It feels like somebody punched me in the face.’ He also had a few words of advice for his young fans regarding dental care, saying ‘The theme for today is ‘kids, take care of your teeth’, because if you stuff candy in your mouth, you’re going to rot your teeth out.

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