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Comedian O’Carroll suffers implant failure

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Irish TV star Brendan O’Carroll has spoken to the Mirror about how his dental implants failed and the pain he suffered during the filming of the Christmas special of his hit show Mrs Brown’s Boys. Brendan, 59, lost several of his teeth due to decay and decided that he would rather have dental implants than a denture to replace them; in November, just before filming was due to start in Glasgow, the comedian had four implants fitted.

When recording of the Christmas special began, Brendan felt the bridge that was fitted over the implants come loose and he struggled to arrange treatment because he currently resides in Florida, where his dentist is located. He explained that ‘halfway through filming it, I thought I was going to pass out in pain. Every step I took was absolute agony and moving quickly jolted my jaw.’

After returning to Florida with wife Jennifer, who plays his on-screen daughter Cathy, Brendan went straight to the dentist but was told that all the implants had failed due to repair work done at the Glasgow dentist. The dentist told him ‘You probably don’t want to go back to having implants again’ but Brendan was adamant that they were ‘not stopping’ until the treatment can be carried out successfully. The comedian added ‘since I’ve had the implants taken out, I’ve got temporary dentures and I am having another set of implants fitted later this month.’

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