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Reduce the risk of COVID-19 with better oral hygiene

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Victoria Sampson looks into how better oral hygiene could reduce the risk of COVID-19. She has published her new paper in the British Dental Journal.

coronavirusThere is a direct connection between the mouth and the body. However, this is often forgotten. During the current pandemic, it is especially important to reduce the levels of oral bacteria. We do this not only to maintain a healthy mouth, but also to maintain a healthy body and to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Studies have shown that 80% of critical patients with the virus had a very high bacterial load, requiring antibiotics. This supports the idea that bacteria plays a critical role in the development and severity of COVID-19 infections.

The idea that the bacteria providing complications for COVID-19 patients may originate from the mouth is new. The four main issues associated with higher risks of complications and death from the virus are also associated with oral disease.

The location of oral bacteria means it can get into the respiratory tract, helping to kick-start or worsen conditions such as pneumonia or sepsis. So inadequate oral hygiene can increase the risk of bacterial exchange between the lungs and mouth. This may lead to respiratory infections and bacterial complications.

Improve your oral health: Reduce the risk of COVID-19

Various studies have shown that improved oral health can reduce the risk of severe pneumonia.

A major concern is that patients may be scared of visiting their dentists. However, they should note that there is direct connection between oral and systemic health. A healthy mouth will help create a healthy body. By maintaining and improving oral hygiene during this pandemic, the bacterial load in the mouth and therefore the potential risk of infection can be reduced.

Studies have found that one in 10 pneumonia-related deaths in the elderly could be prevented by improving oral hygiene. This shows the importance of oral health especially during these times.

In conclusion, maintaining oral health is of upmost importance. By doing so, we can reduce the bacterial load in the mouth and lessen the risk of bacterial super-infections arising from COVID-19.


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