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Don’t brush after drinking

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People have been warned of the dangers of brushing too soon after drinking.

People should refrain from brushing their teeth directly after drinking acidic beverages, it has been advised.

Mark Wolff, chair of cariology and comprehensive care at New York University School of Dentistry, told Boston.com that the enamel is weakened by acidic foods and drinks and therefore brushing soon after consuming these things could be detrimental to long-term oral health.

He commented: “Acids tend to soften the teeth; if you brush while they’re in this vulnerable state, you can actually cause more damage.”

Elsewhere, Fiji Village recently reported dental officer Dr Maher Angez noted people should ensure they brush their teeth twice daily and also use floss regularly to ensure they keep their smile in the best condition possible.

He noted that as people reach their 20s and no longer have their parents telling them to brush regularly, they can let their oral health routines fall by the wayside.

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