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Almost half of adults admit to not brushing their teeth before bed

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According to new research carried out with 10,000 volunteers, almost half of adults don’t bother to brush their teeth in the evening, with most giving the excuses that they are too tired before bed or simply forgetful when it comes to their dental hygiene. 45% of those asked admitted that they have gone to bed without brushing their teeth; 40% said it was because they were too tired, 30% cited laziness as the reason, with 28% saying they were just forgetful. Despite this, 91% said they knew that poor oral care could lead to decay and gum disease.

The survey, commissioned by GSK for the Love Your Mouth campaign, reveals that thousands of people are at risk of dental problems. A London dental practitioner spoke to MailOnline about the problem, stating that people don’t think missing out on brushing in the evening is a big problem but gradually this neglect of dental hygiene builds up, causing a host of dental conditions. Natty Burgess said ‘you only need to spend around four minutes brushing, and a couple of extra minutes per day flossing to avoid having problems.’

Only 24% of the people who took part in the study said that they flossed regularly, and 44% admitted that their dental hygiene could be improved. A massive 67% of respondents said they had developed tooth decay at some point in their lives and 29% said that they had six or more fillings. Dr Burgess added ‘Your teeth are the first thing people look at when you start to speak, and first impressions count for a lot… So it’s vital to look after your oral health and give your mouth some love.’

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