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Horror over painless extraction method

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Swiss dental surgeons have developed a system that claims to be a painless way of extracting teeth. Many people have a fear of the dentist, and for some this new procedure has amplified their concerns more so.

The Benex Extraction System is a fairly new development in dentistry, however despite claims that the procedure is ‘painless’, it has got some people recoiling in horror, after watching clips posted on Facebook last month. Some described the footage as gruesome, after it clocked up one hundred and twenty thousand views in one month. One woman wrote, “Good lord I can only imagine the pain. I don’t want nothing sweet no more ever. This makes me want to brush my teeth every other hour.”

The procedure involves the dentist making an incision at the top of the tooth to allow the root to be loosened using specialised equipment, this is followed by a diamond drill that creates a hole inside the root. The dental surgeon then places an extraction screw into the newly created hole, which is attached to a clamp and used to lever the root out of its socket.

Although this procedure has been tried and tested in other parts of the world, it has been acknowledged that the British public have concerns. British Dental association professor, Damien Walmsley, issued a statement of reassurance, saying that if anyone had watched any footage and were worried about a tooth extraction they should discuss this with their dentist first.



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