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Woman diagnosed with ‘anorexia’ is treated with Botox injections

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A woman from Suffolk who was diagnosed as anorexic was actually revealed to have a rare condition called gastric dysrhythmia and has been successfully treated using Botox injections. Jade Nock, 25, struggled to keep any food down due to the illness and her weight dropped to seven stone.

After several days suffering with what was first assumed to be a stomach bug, Jade’s mother took her to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and she was put on a drip; despite this, she lost three stone in three weeks. Jade said ‘A doctor sat at the end of my bed and told me I must have been suffering from anorexia – that my inability to keep food down had psychological rather than physical roots.’

However, following an experiment using radioactive tracers in the body, doctors realised that this was more than psychological and in January 2010 it was confirmed that gastric dysrhythmia was the cause of her illness.

Botox injections were suggested as a treatment for the condition and Jade has seen great results, she said ‘It took a few days to start working, but then when it did work, it was amazing.’ The Botox freezes the stomach muscles and the injections are administered through a needle that is mounted onto a camera and guided down the throat; this has to be carried out every six months to make sure that the sickness does not return.

Jade is happy to get back to eating the food she has missed and her weight is currently stable at seven stone; she says she can appreciate food more now, adding ‘I used to be quite fussy, but now I’m more open. I know how lucky I am to be able to have food – I don’t want to turn anything down.’

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