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Victoria Beckham has not had Botox says skin doctor

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According to her dermatologist, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has never used Botox or fillers to improve her appearance, although she has admitted to the use of cosmetic surgery in the past to boost her bust and then reduce it to a more natural size. The 39-year-olds skin specialist Dr Harold Lancer told The Daily Mail that the singer suffered with acne and skin blemishes when she was younger, but had improved her lifestyle and beauty regime over the years, to see an impressive change in her complexion.

Dr Lancer said ‘Victoria Beckham is a natural beauty. She’s an incredible health nut – she watches her diet, her exercise, she sort of leads an ideal healthy lifestyle.’

The mother-of-four recently revealed to Allure magazine that she gets up at 6am every day to run four miles, in order to keep herself in good shape, she also opened up about her skincare routine and talked about how happy she was when living in LA with her husband and four children.

Her dermatologist, who is based in Beverly Hills, when on to say that ‘She’s an example of how skincare products can be used to convince tissue to heal itself from outside in and the inside out. She suffered badly from acne but [her skin now] is totally self-resolved. She pays meticulous attention to product use and lifestyle. And I supervised all of it so I assure you nobody has touched her with any surgical implements of lasers. She’s an example of self-discipline.’

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