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New 3D Botox scan under development

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A new pioneering 3D Botox scan is under development to allow patients to see a preview of what their Botox or dermal filler treatment will look like in advance of the procedure. The technology has been developed in South Australia and practitioners are hoping it will be unveiled to the public soon.

The 3D scan has been developed at Epiclinic by Dr Michael Molton after he became frustrated by the standard 2D ‘before and after’ shots that are currently available. The after shots very often show the results in a more flattering light and with makeup which can be misleading to patients, and can often result in disappointment and heightened expectations. Dr Molton was quoted on the New Scientist website as saying, “I wanted something that you couldn’t fudge, like CT or MRI scans that are used in other areas of medicine.”

Dr Molton is hopeful that the new technique will be a more precise prediction of the results and is trialling it first with dermal fillers. The software element of the scan, which has been developed by Mohammed Bennamoun of the University of Western Australia, will generate a 3D contour map to show the expected results of the Botox or fillers. The software works using algorithms to give a detailed concept of how the face will look after treatment.



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