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WY10 Teeth Whitening

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What is WY10 Teeth Whitening?

You might be familiar with teeth whitening in general, but WY10 is an innovative teeth whitening product from the WY10 Company. You can benefit from a wide range of teeth whitening treatments available at Pearl Dental Clinic, book now and take advantage of the most advanced Enlighten teeth whitening treatment and Zoom WhiteSpeed office teeth whitening treatment.

How Does WY10 Teeth Whitening Work?

Because of the hydrogen peroxide contained in the whitening solution, WY10 can break through the stains on teeth at a much faster rate. Most whitening gels used in professional treatments are made up of bleach and several other chemicals that can hinder its progress, WY10 has a much purer form of peroxide, allowing it to break down stain molecules in less time and to a greater degree. It is also water-based, so the porous structure of the tooth can soak it up quicker, without any adverse effects, and the viscosity level means it won’t slip and slide off the teeth, it will hold fast to get maximum results.

What Is Involved In The Whitening Process?

Before the treatment, your dentist should give your teeth a general assessment to make sure that your teeth are healthy enough to undergo whitening – most people don’t have any problems with this stage, but only teeth in good condition are suitable, if you have cavities or gum disease, they will have to dealt with first.

Before the WY10 peroxide gel can be applied to the enamel, the lips and gums have to be drawn away from the teeth with some type of protective material, either cotton wads or a plastic shield, this is to make sure the soft tissues are not exposed to the strong gel. When a generous layer has been applied, the whitening process can begin.

A WY10 curing lamp is used to activate the components in the gel, the blue colour heats the peroxide gently and allows it to work to maximum efficiency. The teeth themselves or the surrounding areas are not heated; it’s only the gel that reacts with the light. As with most other types of whitening, the WY10 solution is left to work for about fifteen minutes, before it is removed and another layer applied. When the second layer has done its job, a third and final application may carried out, but is not always necessary because the gel is so efficient.

Does The WY10 Teeth Whitening Procedure Have Any Side Effects?

A large number of patients report a heightened sensitivity in their teeth in the few days after treatment; this is perfectly normal and should not be too painful. Sensation should return to normal after forty-eight hours. Avoid hot or cold drinks during this time, or even try specialist fluoride toothpaste if you are very uncomfortable.

You may notice some white patches on your gums. Again, this shouldn’t cause you too much pain and should heal within a few days. Meanwhile, over the counter pain relief should help relieve the discomfort.

You may also find that your teeth revert slightly to their original shade after the initial treatment – although this is not as much of a problem with WY10 technology – as a result of rehydration. You may need teeth whitening top-ups.


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