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Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

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Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

What is the difference between an impacted and an infected wisdom tooth?

Often people can have trouble knowing the difference between an impacted and an infected wisdom tooth. If a tooth is impacted this means that it has failed to grow through the gum properly. Often the tooth can grow at an awkward angle, such as sideways or diagonally, or it can partially erupt, all of which can cause issues for the rest of the teeth and gums. An impacted wisdom tooth can often lead to it becoming infected, which happens when bacteria and debris build up around the area, causing soreness, tender gums and other more severe complications.


What are the symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth?

With wisdom teeth symptoms some people will suffer pain and discomfort with an impacted wisdom tooth, whereas for some, the situation will go undetected. People who attend regular dental check-ups are less likely to have significant issues with an impacted wisdom tooth, due to the monitoring and intervention that a dentist can provide in the early stages. If an impacted wisdom tooth is left unmonitored this can lead to infection and complications further down the line.


What are the symptoms of an infected wisdom tooth?

An infected wisdom tooth can display a variety of symptoms. Some of these may include, sore, tender, or bleeding gums, pain or swelling in the jaw, issues with bad breath, or a strange taste in the mouth. It may also be a possibility that people find it difficult to open or close their mouths. If any of these symptoms present themselves then it is advised that dental advice is sought swiftly to avoid further complications developing.


Pearl Dental Clinic can help

If you are worried about any symptoms you are experiencing related to your wisdom teeth, or any other dental issue, you can talk to one of our experienced team for advice.

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