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Wisdom Teeth Infection Symptoms

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Wisdom Teeth Infection SymptomsNot all individuals have wisdom teeth, however, for some that do they can cause pain, infection, and damage to neighbouring teeth.

When problems arise it is essential that patients seek prompt advice and assessment to prevent or limit the complications. Here at Pearl Dental Clinic, we have a dentist with a special interest in oral surgery who has an extensive knowledge and 20 years experience in this field who is able to treat most types of wisdom tooth issues.

Wisdom Teeth Infection Symptoms

There can be many symptoms that present themselves when wisdom teeth become infected. A patient may have some or most of the symptoms below:

  • Swelling in and around the wisdom tooth (which could extend out further).
  • Mild to severe pain.
  • Inflammation and redness at the site of the wisdom tooth.
  • Enlarged, swollen, or painful lymph nodes in the neck area.
  • A high temperature or fever.
  • Restricted movement of the jaw and difficulty swallowing/eating etc.
  • Noticeably bad breath and/or a strange taste in the mouth.
  • A pus-like substance emanating from the surrounding gum.

Please note that these symptoms can also be an indicator of other oral health issues. Either way, it is essential that professional help is sought as soon as possible. Our emergency dental service is available from 9am right up until 10pm. There are always highly trained dentists and specialists on hand to treat even the most complex cases.

If you are worried about a wisdom tooth, or any other dental emergency, and need an expert assessment then you can call us on 0208 547 9997. In addition to this, you can walk straight into the clinic for a fast appointment. New or existing patients can simply drop in and our staff will provide all the care you need in a prompt fashion. The clinic also offers a full and complete range of general dentistry and cosmetic treatments to give you beautiful, healthy teeth, skin, and lips. We look forward to assisting you with all your dental needs.

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