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What Is Root Canal Treatment

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Patients may have heard the term root canal treatment before but are unsure what it means.

In order to determine whether treatment is needed it is important to see a dental professional for a full examination. During this examination, a dentist or an Endodontist (specialist in root canal procedures) will examine the mouth. They may even take an x-ray to see if an infection has developed inside the tooth. If a tooth infection is present then this will require a root canal treatment. More complex infections may need referring to an Endodontist because they have a more in-depth knowledge and often have more advanced equipment at their disposal.

What Is Root Canal Treatment

What Is Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is necessary to clear our infection from inside a tooth. This is performed by the dental professional gaining access to the inner root. This is achieved by gently drilling up into the tooth. Once this has been done, specially designed tools are used to remove the infected pulp. Once this has been completed the tooth is packed with disinfectant and sealed up.

For more complex problems an Endodontist may choose to try an Apicectomy procedure if root therapy has failed in the past. This involves cutting away the very tip of the root in a bid to fully remove the infection. Alternatively, if the infection is only situated in the crown of the tooth then a pulpotomy could work, without needing to perform full root canal treatment.

If you are suffering from a root canal problem or suspect that this is the case then please do give us a call. Our reception team are waiting to take your call and will ensure that you see the correct professional. Alternatively, if it is an urgent issue you can access our dental emergency service. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon at Pearl Dental Clinic.

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