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What Can Be Done About Sensitive Teeth

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What Can Be Done About Sensitive TeethSensitivity is a common issue and many patients may want to know what can be done about sensitive teeth. There are varying reasons why people may have sensitive teeth. It could be due to weakened enamel, receding gums, exposure of the dentine layer or roots, tooth decay, root infection, gum disease or because of grinding and clenching. Finding out the cause will help the dental practitioner to manage or treat the problem.

What Can Be Done About Sensitive Teeth

Desensitising Toothpaste and Treatments: There are densensitising toothpastes available from your dental clinic or in most cosmetic shops. These work to soothe the nerves and also help to build up a layer of protection. A dentist can help by applying a fluoride layer to the teeth to help strengthen the enamel layer. This, in turn, helps to reduce sensitivity. It is also possible to have fluoride prescribed for home use. This would be administered using a customised mouth tray.

Gum Graft: If receding gums are the cause of the sensitivity then a surgical gum graft could be considered to extend the gum and cover the exposed nerves.

Mouth Guards: Clenching and grinding can put stress and strain on teeth. Over time this can contribute to wearing away the enamel. The exposure of the dentine layer can cause sensitivity. Having a specially made mouthguard can protect the teeth from further wear.

Root Canal Treatment: Sometimes sensitivity can be due to an infection in the canal of a tooth. The only way to treat this is with root canal therapy. This involves drilling up into the tooth and removing the infected pulp. Often this is enough to maintain the health of the tooth and to remove the discomfort of sensitivity.

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