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Adults who are unhappy with the appearance of their pearly whites may be considering a visit to their dentist to discuss options for cosmetic dentistry.

The increasing amount of choice on offer for people who want to straighten or brighten their smile means there really is something that will cater for almost every person’s lifestyle and individual needs.

Basic invisible braces that have transformed the smiles of many high profile figures including Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise are now available to a wider audience for a cheaper price.

What are Vivera retainers?

Created from a type of plastic that is similar to Invisalign aligners, the braces are constructed in an extremely precise manner that allows them to fit the teeth very closely.

The material utilised to manufacturer Vivera retainers is much stronger than that used in normal retainers, meaning they are less likely to break or shatter during cleaning.

Patients who select this course of action will be sent four sets of aligners over the treatment period, which will slowly guide their pearly whites into the desired location.

What are the benefits of invisible braces?

For the majority of people, the use of invisible braces is more suited to their lifestyle than traditional metal-wire options, particularly because of the discreet nature of the innovative appliances.

Usually, the retainers are unnoticeable to other people – unless they are standing close by – which helps image-conscious adults enjoy peace of mind if they were previously worried about the stigma.

In addition, members of the public who opt for clear techniques are less likely to experience any pain or discomfort – including irritation around the gum tissue that is common among those with metal braces.

The tightening elastic bands used in traditional orthodontics can also create an unpleasant sensation for wearers. However, invisible options do not feature any of these complicated mechanisms and are more comfortable to wear.

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums while wearing metal aligners can also be tricky, as the placement of the wires means it is difficult to clean particular areas.

But with invisible options – such as Invisalign or Vivera retainers – the fixtures can be removed during mealtime and for brushing and flossing.

How do the braces work?

By wearing the braces for 22 hours every day, individuals will ensure the best results possible in a shorter time frame.

The aligners will be changed throughout the process to guide the pearly whites into their ideal position over a gradual basis, meaning people will be asked to attend regular appointments with their specialist to ensure they are making the right progress.

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