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Veneers Abroad – What to Expect?

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Dental tourism on the rise

It has become fashionable to travel abroad for cosmetic dental treatments. Such treatments in the UK can be a major financial burden for some people. This can lead them to consider having procedures such as veneers abroad, where the costs are often much lower.

Turkey is a popular destination for cosmetic tourism, and veneers are one of the most common procedures that British patients seek. The costs quoted to patients of having these procedures are commonly lower than those in the UK, even when taking into account travel and accommodation expenses.

What is going on?

dental painThere has been a mass trend for a perfect Instagram smile. As a result, we are seeing more and more patients who come to us for the first time, and who are having significant issues after botched cosmetic work carried out in other countries. The cost of managing these issues frequently surpasses the cost they would have incurred to locally carry out the original treatment.

The risks of getting veneers abroad


The main issue we observe with patients travelling back from abroad for veneers is how their teeth have been prepared. The dental team appears to have had no discussion with the patient about how this will be done. The foreign clinic has removed too much enamel and placed what we call a dental crown instead of a veneer. With the pulp being exposed, there is a high risk of infection and so a root canal is the only available solution, which is invasive, painful and very costly.


In some countries, regulations and standards for dental procedures may not be as rigorous as those in the United Kingdom. This is the primary reason for the differences in costs across various countries.


Proper post-treatment care is essential for the success and longevity of dental veneers. When receiving treatment abroad, you may not have access to the same level of follow-up care and maintenance as you would in the United Kingdom. This can increase the risk of complications and reduce the lifespan of your veneers.


In case of complications or unsatisfactory results, it may be challenging to seek recourse or have the issues addressed when dealing with international clinics. If you do choose to go abroad, we recommend that you satisfy yourself with arrangements for follow-up care should there be complications.


Veneers come with a 12 month warranty at Pearl Dental Clinic. There are some international clinics that offer warranties too. But we have seen that it is difficult for patients to avail themselves of warranties with international providers due to the requirement to travel abroad for remedial work, even if the provider has a local point of contact.

What to do?

We recommend you first have a good search in the UK market. You may find a dentist that can match the quality you need at an appropriate cost. All our fees are published online and we try to be as transparent as possible in this regard. We also offer to split the cost of your treatment into 24 affordable monthly instalments at no extra cost. This is of course subject to credit approval.

If you do need to try treatment abroad, make sure you get to talk sufficiently and with no language barrier with the dentist who will actually treat you. Be absolutely clear about exactly what you are signing up for! You will more likely have dental crowns placed rather than veneers, which require aggressive tooth reduction. Finally, please read this official guide from the UK General Dental Council.

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