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Why Are My Teeth Stained?

Tooth staining can come from lots of difference things, from genetics to lifestyle choices. Most types of staining are caused by eating and drinking excessive amounts of food or drink with strong colours in – such as red wine or cola, the naturally light enamel of the teeth is not built to withstand prolonged periods of attack from staining, and it eventually beings to absorb the dark molecules to the point where it becomes discoloured. Smoking in particular is known to cause deep staining that is hard to remove, the nicotine turns teeth an unpleasant shade of yellow, and the tobacco can stain them brown – neither of which are very nice to look at.

It’s possible that tooth discolouration has been caused by intrinsic factors, rather than outside elements; some people are just genetically more susceptible to stains, whilst others are just born with naturally off-white teeth. Certain systemic illnesses can also change the colour of the enamel, affecting the mineral production of the tooth from the inside.

Can Teeth Whitening Help Me?

Teeth whitening is highly effective with most staining problems, the bleach used in the treatment can break down even very deep discolouration. Layers of stains that have built up over time may be more tricky to remove, but after two or three sessions, there should be significant progress. The only thing that whitening won’t work on is synthetic teeth, man-made materials have a different molecular structure to that of the human tooth, so they don’t react to stains or the bleach in the same way. After a professional treatment, most technicians would advise you to perform a home whitening on yourself several times a year, this keeps the enamel at the optimum shade and it means you won’t have to return to the surgery.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening procedures that take place in clinics give instant results, at a much higher level of performance than home products, such as toothpastes or chewing gums. It’s also more effective than DIY gel kits because the professional grade bleaching solution contains a higher level of peroxide. Most clinical treatments contain about about twenty percent bleach in their whitening gels, which can break through heavy staining in under an hour.

If you decide a whitening treatment is for you, make sure you make an appointment with a reputable practitioner, it’s not worth putting your health in the hands of a substandard technician, even if they might charge a little less. The Pearl Dental Clinic only works with skilled dentists who are fully trained in the process of teeth whitening, as well as lots of other dental techniques, give them a call today if you want the best treatment at reasonable prices.

If you decide to go ahead, your dentist will assess the condition of your teeth, just in case there are other dental problems that need dealing with first – such as decay or gum disease. If the stains are the only issue, they will refer you to an oral hygienist, who will give your teeth a thorough clean to remove all food debris and bacterial build up. When the teeth are completely clean, the treatment can begin. Your dentist will start by holding the lips and cheeks away from your teeth, either with cotton pads or with a plastic shield – this is so that the gel doesn’t come into contact with any of the soft tissue areas in the mouth, then the bleaching solution will be applied to the enamel in a generous layer. This has to be done carefully, otherwise the gel may splash or spread onto the gums and irritate them, although most practitioners are aware of this risk, and use a high viscosity gel that will stay in place during the procedure. When the gel has been applied, a curing light will be used to activate the peroxide and begin the whitening process, this works by heating the ingredients in the gel to make them work harder and break down stains more effectively. The teeth are exposed to the light for a period of about fifteen minutes, then the bleaching gel is cleaned off and another layer applied. When the second application has done its job, the process is repeated once more and then the treatment is complete.

After the third fifteen-minute session, your teeth will be given a good rinse, to make sure no traces of bleach remain, and some dentists will given them a quick polish too, so they look their best when you leave the surgery. If you have heavily stained teeth, it may be necessary for you to return to the clinic for a second treatment, but most people will see vast improvement from just one short session. You should be on your way within an hour, showing off a brand new, whiter smile.

Is Teeth Whitening Expensive?

That’s the beauty of this simple procedure, it’s one of the cheapest cosmetic dental treatments on the market. There are no anaesthetics required, no injections, no incisions, no significant healing process, it’s quick, painless, and extremely effective, and because it’s not complicated to perform, clinics can offer it at a lower price than more surgical treatments, such as dental veneers or orthodontics.

Top-end clinics do charge a little extra, but that means you will be referred to a specialist dentist who knows the process inside out, you should expect to pay two or three hundred pounds for teeth whitening. It’s not advisable to go to a surgery that charges eighty pounds or less, this might seem like a good deal, but quality dental care costs money, and you’re more than likely to end up with results you’re not happy with. In the long run, it’s a better idea to invest a little in your teeth and go to a reputable dentist with lots of experience. Teeth whitening isn’t the riskiest treatment you can undergo, but it’s still a good idea to do your homework and find the most experienced dentist you can afford to do your teeth whitening.

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