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Teeth Whitening and Breastfeeding

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A Guide to Teeth Whitening and Breastfeeding

When a woman announces she is pregnant, it is not uncommon for her to discover that almost every aspect of her life changes in one way or another. Although the usual factors such as weight gain, diet changes and lifestyle are the most obvious alterations – females may find their teeth and gums begin to feel different as well.

Dental professionals recommend ladies practice good oral hygiene during their pregnancy to limit the risk of them developing a range of conditions that become increasingly common during this nine-month period – such as gingivitis and pregnancy granuloma.

How Can I Take Care of My Teeth During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women will be fully aware that they should consume a balanced diet when they are expecting a baby, which should be filled with high quantities of protein and calcium, as well as vitamins C, A and D.

Seeing the hygienist twice a year, brushing teeth twice every day and regular flossing should be carried out routinely during this time, while an antibacterial mouthwash will help rid the mouth of substances that could worsen the symptoms of gingivitis.

Women should avoid using rinses that contain alcohol when they are pregnant, as this substance could have a negative effect on their unborn child.

Can I Still Visit My Dentist During This Time?

The second trimester of pregnancy is the most suitable time to visit a dental professional for a dental check-up, while individuals who are looking for reconstruction or surgical procedures should avoid doing so until their baby is born.

Ladies should ensure they abstain from treatment in the three months before they are due, while those in the earliest stages are still extremely sensitive to environmental influences.

Due to the weight gained during gestation, some women may find it difficult to physically sit in the dentist’s chair, as pressure placed on their organs through lying on their backs can put pressure on the large blood vessels and cause changes in blood circulation.

Is Anyone Suitable For Teeth Whitening?

While the majority of patients will find they are suitable to undergo this procedure, those with a poor standard of oral health will be advised against it. An initial consultation – carried out before laser teeth whitening takes place – will allow the practitioner to determine whether or not this course of action will have the desired outcome.

Can I Take Dental Medications While Breastfeeding?

Females should avoid taking medicine until they have stopped nursing their baby, but in situations where this is unavoidable – waiting for around four hours or more to feed their baby after taking a drug to minimise the quantity that enters the milk.

Patients are advised to discuss this matter in more detail with their dental professional, as it could depend on the type of medication that has been prescribed as well as the age of the child.

What About Teeth Whitening?

Individuals who have discoloured teeth as a result of smoking or eating a colourful diet could find themselves looking for a solution that may allow them to enjoy a lighter and brighter smile – and this applies for pregnant women too.

The procedure – which should always be carried out by a dental professional – usually takes between one and two hours – as a gel is applied to the pearly whites to produce instant results that could see patients glowing with confidence.

During the process, the surrounding gum tissue and rest of the mouth is protected using rolls of cotton wool and a protective substance that hardens when it has been applied, which will avoid any potential damage or burning.

Some patients may find their teeth are extremely sensitive immediately after the procedure is carried out, so are advised to avoid hot and cold drinks for around 48 hours afterwards, with those who have experienced this type of sensation often describing it as a sporadic, sharp, shooting pain coming from their teeth.

Can I Undergo Teeth Whitening When I am Breastfeeding?

Dental professionals prefer to avoid carrying out any type of cosmetic dentistry until a woman has stopped nursing their new born.

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