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Lots of people are afraid to go to the dentist, this might be because of past experience, a fear of the unknown, or they’ve been told horror stories by others that put them off.

If you’re happy with your teeth and you can look after them, this probably won’t affect your everyday life, but what about the people who dislike their teeth and smile but are too scared to have them fixed? The solution is simple; a Snap-on Smile.

What is a Snap-on Smile?

It’s more or less exactly what it sounds like, it’s a durable, flexible acrylic shield that has been moulded over the natural teeth and snaps right into place. A Snap-on Smile won’t reach over the gum line or onto the roof of your mouth, and it’s easy to remove when it needs cleaning or if you’re going to sleep. Snap on smile is produced in America by Cerinate, the same company that produce Lumineers.

What Are The Advantages of Snap on Smile?

First and foremost, it is a completely non-invasive procedure, because the Snap on Smile clips over your own teeth there’s no need for cutting, drilling, extractions, or injections. This is what makes it appealing to people who are afraid of dental surgery. Another positive is that it costs much less than other cosmetic treatments such as fitting porcelain veneers or crowns, making it an affordable way to fix your smile. Some patients will try a temporary appliance like this in order to see how they might look with porcelain veneers if they decided to get them, so it works as a visual aid to dentistry as well.
Thanks to it’s simplicity, the Snap-on Smile is really easy to take care of, it also looks and feels very natural when worn. Patients won’t have any problems eating or speaking when the device is attached to their teeth, and most people won’t even realise your real teeth are covered.

As snap on smile does not involve any tooth shaving, there is no possibility of tooth sensitivity after it is fitted. Also it can replace missing teeth without any surgery.

What is Snap-on Smile Made of?

Snap-on Smiles are made from very strong resin that is usually measures about 0.5mm in thickness, the material will resist stains and can easily be cleaned. Snap on smile is supplied with cleaning agents and a cleaning kit to allow easy cleaning at home.

Is a Snap-on Smile Suitable For Me?

Almost anyone who can’t afford – or doesn’t want porcelain veneers to fix his or her smile problems, can be fitted with a snap on smile. They can be used on a daily basis and will very quickly change the way a person feels when they look in the mirror. Older patients who aren’t suitable for surgery, those who have suffered from cancer of gum disease, or people who are nervous about going to the dentist can all benefit from this revolutionary treatment. Whether you would like to see what you might look like with permanent veneers, or you would just prefer a temporary solution, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get a consultation and see if a Snap-on Smile could help you. Dentists at the Pearl Dental Clinic can help you brighten up your smile and save some money at the same time.

How Long Will a Snap on Smile Last?

If you take care of you device it will last about a year, perhaps a little longer if it’s really looked after. Sleeping with a Snap-on Smile in is not recommended, but some dentists have put it forward as a night time guard against clenching or grinding, for patients whose teeth need protection.
Although the snap on smile is incredibly durable, it is possible to break or damage the fitting if enough force is used, so treat it with care in order to get the best out of it. The snap on smile is guaranteed by the Cerinate dental laboratory for 90 days.

Are There Any Alternative Treatments To Snap-on Smile?

As a removable smile makeover appliance, there are no other options available to patients on the market. As for fixed smile enhancement, there are options of lumineers, porcelain veneers or composite bonding also available to patients.

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