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What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a type of porcelain veneer that can be fitted to natural teeth, in order to create a perfect white smile. They are constructed from Cerinate porcelain, which is so strong that the veneers can be cut much thinner without making them weaker, this stops them from appearing un-natural or bulky in the mouth. Lumineers can be manufactured to a thickness of .2mm if required, this makes them very versatile but at the same time they are incredibly hard.

How are Lumineers Different to Traditional Veneers?

Lumineers are different to traditional porcelain veneers not only in thickness but also in the way they are applied. Due to the lumineers thickness, dentists are usually able to fit the Lumineers without needing to drastically change the shape of the natural tooth; this means that there will be very little drilling or grinding going on. Because there is no invasive surgical procedure either in some cases, generally patients won’t need any anaesthetic – avoiding needles or other painkillers. Some people undergoing treatment will still have to have some drilling performed on their teeth, but significantly less than with thicker traditional feldspathic veneers. It is left to the discretion of the dentist to decide how much work needs to be done, and whether the patient should be administered anaesthesia.

In contrast to traditional porcelain veneers, the application of Lumineers is technically a reversible procedure as long as no tooth preparation has taken place. With traditional treatments, the structure and appearance of the natural tooth is drastically changed, requiring some kind of veneer or bonding at all times, but because there is a minimal amount of restructuring with Lumineers, the tooth underneath is still intact and not significantly altered.

Where Can I Get Lumineers?

Lumineers are quite sought after both in the UK and abroad, but they are not available at all dentist surgeries. The Pearl Dental Clinic is one of the few places in London where you can get these exclusive veneers, because they are registered with the Cerinate laboratory that manufactures them. The Cerinate porcelain is a patented design, which cannot legally be reproduced by anyone other than the Cerinate Smile Design Studio in the USA. If you would like an appointment to see if Lumineers are suitable for you, make sure you check that your dentist is registered to provide them, otherwise you might end up with a less desirable outcome.

How long will Lumineers Last?

There are no other dental veneers on the market that last forever, some dentists have reported amazing results after fitting a patient with Lumineers. If they are well kept and aren’t exposed to any major damage, Lumineers can last for ten years – still looking as good as new. If you decide to go ahead with a registered dentist, you can expect to receive a five year laboratory warranty for your Lumineers, if you have any problems with them during that time they will be replaced or fixed free of laboratory charges.

What is The Procedure For Getting Lumineers?

Firstly you need to see a Lumineers trained dentist for a consultation. Next impressions will be taken of your teeth for a trial smile. Using a trial smile the patient can see what results are possible for them before committing to the treatment. Next impressions are taken for Lumineers and if necessary any tooth preparation is carried out. A few weeks later, the Lumineers are fitted and the occlusion is adjusted to allow the Lumineers to be protected by the patients bite. In some cases small amounts of enamel reduction is carried out on the opposing teeth to minimize the forces on the Lumineers.

Are There Any Alternatives to Lumineers?

In most cases patients could have Emax veneers which are UK constructed ceramic veneers. Feldspathic porcelain veneers are also available for those patients who wish to have traditional porcelain veneers. No tooth preparation composite veneers are also available in some cases for those patients who wish to have resin based veneers. Ultra-thin Durathin veneers are also available and these veneers similar to Lumineers are very thin but they are constructed by a very exclusive laboratory in America. For those patients that wish to have a temporary reversible and removable smile makeover, snap on smile is also available. Snap on smile is also manufactured by the Lumineers laboratory in America.

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