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Spotless, natural-looking, white teeth are something most people aspire to have, but it’s not always the case that God gifts everyone with it from birth.

If you sometimes look in the mirror and wish your teeth could be a little bit whiter, there is a simple, cost effective treatment that can give you the sparkling smile you’ve always dreamed of. London dentists that offer teeth whitening have seen this service flourish over the past decade, and you can take advantage of it.

As you get older, your teeth are exposed to more and more things that can stain or damage them, it’s just common sense that the passage of time affects the colour and condition of everyone’s teeth – they won’t stay baby white forever. Some things can speed up the process, for example, red wine on a regular basis, coffee every day, or chain smoking, can all lead to discoloured teeth. Of course, it’s always advisable to cut down on or give up completely your less favourable habits, but if you just can’t say no to that morning coffee, your teeth won’t have to suffer the consequences.

In only an hour, this revolutionary zoom teeth whitening procedure will transform your smile from dull to dazzling. Firstly, the whitening gel is applied to the teeth, and then a blue light is used to activate the gel over a period of about twenty minutes. After the first layer is removed, another one is applied and the procedure is repeated for a second time. It’s such a simple, painless process that many people can go in for it over their lunch break, then head back to work if they want – hardly comparable to having a tooth pulled or braces fitted. Lots of guests find it easy to relax whilst the whitening process is taking place, most even watch TV or listen to some music to make the time pass quicker.

The hydrogen peroxide within the gel is what reacts to the blue light; it increases the tooth-whitening effect by concentrating it and penetrating tough stains. London teeth whitening practitioners swear by its use, as it not only causes the gel to go to work on badly discoloured teeth, but the blue light means that there is less hydrogen peroxide needed in the gel to produce the reaction needed – you don’t have to be a scientist to know that the less chemicals used, the better. The amount of hydrogen peroxide used varies from company to company, but around fifteen percent is a healthy estimate for top end procedures – there are some products on the market that include almost fifty percent, but this isn’t usually considered ideal.

Extra ingredients in the gel can strengthen the teeth and prevent dehydration of the gums, and some teeth whitening specialists in the London area claim that the effects can lighten teeth by up to fourteen shades – sometimes more in extreme cases. Despite the fact that there are some cheaper home kits that you can use to try and whiten your teeth, you’re not guaranteed the best results unless you’re prepared to go to the professionals and see it done properly. After you’ve had your teeth whitened, it’s important to look after your new gnashers, don’t slip into old habits that gave you stained teeth in the first place, the effects are not permanent and do require some effort on your part. A good treatment that’s well cared for will last considerably longer than a cheap procedure that isn’t.

Numerous London dentists are offering a teeth whitening service; a pain free way of getting the most out of your smiles, there’s no scraping, no laser, no heat, and no uncomfortable instruments involved, its a little wonder that this procedure is so consistently popular.

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