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Dark or stained teeth are a common complaint amongst adults in the UK and all over the world, and they can have a real affect on confidence levels.

There’s nowhere to hide from bad teeth, as they’re usually the first thing someone will notice when talking to another person, but the results of drinking coffee or red wine everyday, smoking, or just old age, are not impossible to undo. As time passes, the mineral structure of the tooth changes, the enamel becomes less porous, which means they will become slightly discoloured and more susceptible to staining from tobacco and certain foods or drinks. There are several different ways to get a whiter, brighter smile, and they’re all worth considering if you think yours could do with a boost. The laser whitening procedure is probably the most popular method of removing stains and cleaning up the teeth, it’s very different from home kits that might change the colour a few shades if you’re lucky. Pearl dental clinic offer professional laser teeth whitening at reasonable prices, so you too can have a winning smile.

In preparation for the treatment, teeth are usually given a thorough clean; this removes any light staining, small amounts of plaque build up, and any grit or other dirt that might be trapped between the teeth. Without a good clean, the whitening equipment won’t be able to perform at the optimum level; it needs to be in direct contact with the surface of the tooth, any build up in between will prevent this. Special padded separators are then placed in the mouth to keep the lips out of the way and provide easy access to the teeth, this isn’t as uncomfortable as it sounds, and many people are surprised at how straightforward the entire procedure is. If you have a fear of the dentist, there’s nothing to worry about here, in fact, lots of people watch television or listen to music once the procedure is under way.

It’s the teeth whitening gel that does the work directly during a laser teeth whitening treatment, it has to be applied onto the teeth in a generous coating, then a blue light is aimed at them to accelerate the chemicals in the gel and begin bleaching. Although the term ‘laser’ is still used to describe the procedure, the modern equipment has actually evolved into a halogen or LED powered light. Despite this misconception, it is still typically referred to as a ‘laser’ by both customers and industry professionals. The light itself uses high levels of energy to react with the hydrogen peroxide in the gel, to break through tough stains and make the teeth whiter.
This process usually takes place over about fifteen to twenty minutes, and is then repeated after a short break. One huge advantage of laser teeth whitening is that it doesn’t take more than an hour at the most, thanks to modern technologies that have reduced ultraviolet emissions and minimised the heat needed. These advances have cut significantly the time needed to perform the treatment, leaving patients free to leave the surgery within a short period of time, and there’s no need for a second appointment as the gel is reapplied in the same sitting.

If you feel that your teeth have become discoloured, there is something you can do about it, it’s quick and painless – and it won’t break the bank. Book your appointment for laser teeth whitening today, to see a brighter, more confident you tomorrow.

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