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Is Invisalign more effective than braces?

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Many patients often wonder whether Invisalign is more effective than braces. The answer to this question depends on various factors. Here at Pearl Dental Clinic, our registered Specialist Orthodontist can offer her expert advice to help you make an informed decision based on your needs, preferences and lifestyle.

It is important to consider that both fixed braces and Invisalign offer effective solutions for aligning teeth, closing gaps between teeth, and enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and oral well-being. However, the type of orthodontic treatment that best suits you also vary according to the specific orthodontic issue that you need to address.

Whilst Invisalign is often used to correct minor to moderate orthodontic issues, such as crowding, crooked teeth, misalignment, gaps, overbites or under-bites; traditional braces are often the preferred and most viable option for correcting complex treatments, such as severe cases of malocclusion and severe tooth crookedness, as they offer more precise control over tooth movement and can apply greater force when needed.

Is Invisalign more effective than braces?

Invisalign or braces?

Although there are certain limitations to Invisalign, such as its ineffectiveness to treat intruding teeth or extruding posterior teeth, research indicates that patients undergoing treatment with clear aligners experience better periodontal hygiene, and reduced oral bacterial counts compared to those wearing braces. In addition to this, treatment duration with Invisalign tends to be shorter than with braces.

At Pearl Dental Clinic, we provide a comprehensive approach to orthodontic care. Our experienced registered Specialist Orthodontist will conduct a thorough examination to assess your particular case. We will then create a personalised treatment plan to address your individual needs. You can spread the cost of your orthodontic treatment with our Invisalign 0% finance plans.

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