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A lot of adults in the UK suffer from dental problems that don’t necessarily cause them pain or discomfort.

Crooked, crowded or badly spaced teeth can do real damage to a person’s confidence, particularly since teeth are very difficult to hide when a person smiles. Whilst some people can become accustomed to individual looking teeth as they grow older, not everyone can ignore them so easily, but there is something that can be done to give back those bright smiles. A lot of adults aren’t comfortable with the idea of wearing braces, whether it’s because they feel they might get laughed at, or because they look painful, but thanks to major progressions in dental practice there are innovative new designs called invisible braces.

Sometimes referred to as ‘clear braces’, these revolutionary products use the most advanced techniques to model a perfectly formed set of clear retainers that are virtually invisible when placed in the mouth. Using 3D modelling technology, the braces are specially fitted to a fraction of a millimetre, in order for the wearer to feel comfortable when using them. Gradually, the strong shield moulds the teeth into a straight, natural-looking smile.

Invisalign is a top-of-the-range treatment on offer that can fix teeth within six to twelve months – in most cases. This invisible brace system is much more effective than the traditional metal braces, for several reasons. Firstly, putting metal in the mouth is just asking for pain, irritation, and inflammation, Invisalign are generally a very comfortable alternative, there are no elastic bands or nuts and bolts to be tightened either. Secondly, they are not physically fixed to the teeth at any point, they can be removed when eating or brushing, and are thin enough to wear at night without discomfort. In the past, it has been quite difficult to keep metal braces clean – especially after eating – so this is a big advantage to invisible braces. Lastly, the clue is in the name; ‘invisible’, people who were worried about getting laughed at or feeling self-conscious will find that no one notices they’re wearing braces at all, and their treatment can go ahead unseen.

Most types of orthodontic problems can be solved with invisible braces, including; gaps between teeth, over or under bites, crowding, crossing, and generally uneven teeth. However, in cases where more movement is needed, a different type of treatment may be required.

At the Pearl Dental Clinic, Invisalign is available at a competitive price, and there is a range of systems to provide for the varying needs of patients, such as Invisalign Teen, for growing teeth and youngsters who don’t like the look of metal braces. Invisalign Lite is great for minor problems like teeth shifting slightly back to their original positions after treatment, or some crowding that can occur as the patient ages. Alternatives are available for more severe alignment problems, or for people who are looking for fast results. Whilst dentists can’t guarantee a time line or the exact outcome of the systems, they hope to be able to solve a large percentage of complaints that require braces within a year. Of course, the patient has to do their part too, and they will only see the best results in this time frame if they comply with the dentists instructions and continue to wear their invisible braces for between twenty and twenty two hours a day. Patients are asked to come back and see their dentist every 6 weeks for treatment reviews and monitoring.

Once any orthodontic treatment including Invisalign is completed, patients are asked to wear retainers which similar to the Invisalign aligners are near invisible to keep their teeth in their final ideal position.

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