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How To Minimise Acid Erosion

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One of the main ways our teeth can become damaged is through acid erosion. Acid erosion can occur in different ways. When acid substances come into contact with teeth they can break down the enamel. Because enamel does not regenerate it is important to protect it. Once it is gone it is gone. When teeth have damaged or weak enamel they cannot function properly. It can cause things like tooth damage, sensitivity, discolouration, and eventually, tooth loss. Commonly, acid erosion is mainly caused by food and drinks. It is particularly prevalent in children between the ages of five and seventeen.

The Main Causes Of Acid Erosion


Sugar itself does not have high acidity, however, it aids and assists the development of bacteria that promote acid development. This then creates an environment that is acidic.

How To Minimise Acid Erosion


Any type of wine is very acidic. This substance can cause the softening and erosion of the enamel.

Stomach Acid

Acid reflux and vomiting can be extremely damaging when it comes into contact with the teeth. It is advisable to see your GP if these symptoms persist.


How To Minimise Acid Erosion

Sweets, gummies, and candies are very high in sugar. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to limit the amount consumed. Not just to protect the teeth but for overall health.

Fruit Juices & Citrus Fruits

Although fruit is healthy for the body and provides many vitamins and nutrients it can be very damaging for the teeth. High acidity in fruits, especially citrus fruits, can cause irreparable damage to the teeth.

How To Minimise Acid Erosion

  1. Drink water alongside foods that are acidic so that it can wash away some of the acids. This can help to limit the amount of time the teeth come into contact with the acid. Rinsing the mouth with water can also help.
  2. Eat acid foods at mealtimes with other foods rather than snacking in the day. This can help to neutralise the acid.
  3. Using a straw can help to reduce the contact acids have with the teeth.
  4. Cut down on sugar consumption by swapping to sugar-free or low sugar options.
  5. Be strategic about brushing. Right after eating the tooth enamel is softened. Brushing at this point can cause more damage. Wait at least half an hour before brushing.


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