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A guide to Healozone

Individuals who have developed tooth decay after years of neglecting their oral hygiene may think there is no alternative but to have teeth removed, as it makes their smile unsightly.

But now, advancements in the world of dentistry have resulted in the invention of a product that could keep the problem from worsening over time, which may be the ideal solution for people hoping to improve their teeth and beam with confidence.

What is Healozone?

This product is a new type of advanced technology that allows dental professionals to target tooth decay with a natural destroyer of bacteria called Ozone. Using the process, the substance will kill bacteria found in rotting pearly whites and stop the issue from becoming exacerbated.

What does the procedure entail?

Initially, the Healozone product is applied directly to the tooth for a period of between 20 and 40 seconds. During this time, the ozone will combat the harmful microbes and give the pearly white added minerals to help it survive.

Afterwards, the affected area will be stronger and less likely to succumb to decay in the future, while individuals will use a special Patient Kit – provided by their dentist – to continue adding the beneficial natural deposits to the teeth and improving the work already conducted by a specialist.

Is the use of Healozone painful?

Not only does this course of action alleviate the requirement for injections and drilling, making it an entirely pain-free treatment. For this reason, Healozone is being used increasingly for children and those people with a phobia of going to the dentist.

How does this course of action help dentophobics?

By protecting teeth from decaying further decay, Healozone could mean individuals may not need anaesthetic or drilling carried out in the future, as the harmful microbe can be removed far more easily.

As these two procedures are two of the most significant worries for people suffering from a dental phobia, it is likely for them to become more willing to visit the dentist’s office as a result.

Is the procedure safe?

Formed from oxygen particles, ozone gas is entirely harmless to patients, while also helping the pearly whites become stronger in fighting off decay in future.

Do dentists still provide fillings?

Although Healozone does provide a number of benefits for some individuals, it is important for patients to remember it is only used as a preventative measure, which helps to ward off the signs of tooth decay and remove the bacteria that cause this problem.

If individuals’ teeth have rotted to the point where this course of action is needed, Healozone will not remove the need for fillings. In fact, cavities will need repairing and the decay could start from scratch.

Patients who spot the symptoms of decay early enough to utilise this process may find they are lucky enough to escape having a filling carried out and therefore remove the requirement for some of the more painful treatments.

On the other hand, the process will only kill the bacteria, not enable teeth to heal.

Is Healozone widely available?

An increasing number of dental professionals are utilising Healozone for patients, particularly those who focus on younger patients. In addition, technological advancements that see the design of the applicator progress means the range of treatments this course of action is used for could grow.

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